We want every child to feel safe at school. Bullying is a very clear infringment of our Golden Rules and we do not tolerate any form of bullying in school or out of school where it involves children attending West Ashton Church of England (Aided) Primary School.

What is bullying?

Bullying and friendship issues are different things. The Department for Education define bullying as "behaviour by an individual or group, repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another individual or group either physically or emotionally".
Types of bullying
Verbal Physical Non-Verbal
Teasing Hitting Shunning
Belittling Punching Ignoring
Ridculing / mimicking Roughing up Invading someone's privacy
Stereotyping Finger jabbing Graffiti designed to embarrass
Criticising constantly Inappropriate or unwanted touching Being unfriendly
Offensive remarks about race Taking money without permission  
Offensive remarks about gender Fighting Cyberbullying
Getting other people to bully for you Pinching Offending or causing upset through:
Name calling Unwanted touching  
Sarcasm Jostling Text messages
Threatening to hurt someone Cornering Internet chat rooms
Spreading nasty stories Interfering with with people's property School networks
Anti-Bullying Charter

Our Anti-Bullying Charter States:

  • We want a school and community free from all forms of bullying, including cyberbullying.
  • We want people in our school community to value difference.
  • We think everyone has a right to be safe online.
  • We want bullying never to be acceptable online, offline, at home or at school.
  • We want to use technology to report bullying if it occurs in or out of school so we feel safe when reporting (e.g. text message / email)
  • We want a relevant, useful and practical anti-bullying policy the whole school community reviews regularly so we can change parts that don't work.

What can you do about bullying?

Remember you are special and no-one deserves to be bullied
If you are being bullied tell an adult immediately, you will be listened to and supported
If you are worried about someone else being bullied, tell an adult

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