We are very proud of the positive relationships we have between staff, parents and children. If for any reason a parent is dissatistified with the service we provide, there is a complaints procedure that should be followed.

Most issues (be it a complaint, concern or a suggestion) can be dealt with quickly by speaking to your child's class teacher and this is what you should always do in the first instance.

Should speaking to your child's teacher not resolve your complaint, the matter should be brought to the attention of the Headteacher. This should be done by making an appointment through the school office.

Below is a summary of the complaints procedure. If you would like to download the full complaints procedure you can do so by clicking on the icon below the diagram.
Please see our Policies tab for Complaints Policy
Vexatious Complaints

A vexatious complaint is when a complainant continues to pursue a complaint once the complaints procedure above has been followed (regardless of the outcome) or one that is made through gossip and is malicious or petty in nature.

Please note that should the school be made aware of any vexatious complaint made by a parent, particularly when done through a social media network (e.g. Facebook or Twitter), it will take action against those concerned.
Please see our Policies tab for Vexatious Complaints Policy