2020/21 Term 3

Dear Shooting Stars Parents,

This term you will find on Tapestry all you need to engage with home learning. Each evening i will add the following days phonic work directly to your Tapestry account and you can find links to supportive websites in the Memo tab. Every Monday you will be sent directly to your Tapestry account the weeks math's and topic work (this term we will be learning about the World). Further more it is expected that children will also engage with reading on a daily basis. At the end of the day, please upload the learning your child has taken part in to their Tapestry account so as I can track their learning, assess it against the expectations set out in the EYFS and provide any feedback and next steps required.  Any problems, please get in touch; I will be available by email all day, every day.

It is expected that every child will take part in the learning program set to ensure they do not fall behind in their educational journey and are ready to continue learning when we do return to school. However, I do appreciate that the children at this age require lots of adult support so if you need to juggle around the time and days in which your child does their school work then that is no problem.

For nursery children - should you wish to follow a program of learning you should also be able to access the learning set out in the planned activities by Mrs Bayford and myself. Please adapt these activities to your child specific ability and let us know how you are getting along. The websites detailed in the Memo section of Tapestry are designed to support nursery children as well as those in reception. 

May I also add that in Early Years it is incredibly important that children have time to play, explore, engage with those around them and develop language skills, therefore, i am asking you to play with your children, take them for walks and explore the outdoors, cook with your children, make playdough, get creative and enjoy the time you have been given with your children.  

The Shooting Stars team will continue to upload a daily story time; it is wonderful to read your children’s comments on these so please keep them comming.


Keep up the good work Shooting Stars and remember I am here to support you all.

Kind regards

Sandra Meehan