General shutdown resources and links

Dear parents of all children in Shooting Stars,
I have recorded six short Phonic lessons and one 'Tricky Word' lesson to aid your child in their reading journey. Please follow the lessons in order, only moving on once you think they are ready. By the end of Reception the children should be able to identify all the Phonic sounds, sight read all the Tricky Words and use them competently when reading. The more the children practice these the easier they will find reading. Please up load short videos to Tapestry, of your child's progress when they have mastered a stage so as I can assess their progress against the standards within the EYFS. The children in Reception should already know most of the sounds and tricky words. I have also uploaded these videos to each of your tapestry accounts.
Counting within 20
Number bonds within 20
All Reception children have access to Numbots online maths platform.  Mrs Meehan has log on details.
PhonicsPlay is now free to use at home during this shutdown period.  The link below explains how to log on.
Phonics and reading
The website Teach your child to read has just made all its resources free for parents during this shutdown period.  
Home learning packs - lots of different things to do