School at home - please read first

Continuing through Term 6, each class teacher will be providing specific work for each week, one week at a time.  There will be different expectations for each class so please look at the class pages for this week's work and the expectations of the teacher.  All children/parents have access to Tapestry in Shooting Stars or Class DoJo in the rest of the school and these are the predominant ways we will be reviewing work and congratulating the children on all they accomplish.


The majority of work children will be able to complete independently.  Of course, as usual there is an expectation that children will be reading, learning spellings, number bonds and/or times tables and these activities do need an adult's support.  Any problems, please contact the Class Teacher.  We are there to help any way we can.


Below is a daily activity list of a huge range of resources available online which may help keep your child/children entertained or just pique curiosity in something they haven’t come across in school – there are different history ideas and art etc.


There are also a huge number of ideas and activities within these Covid-19 Home Learning pages.

Please remember the importance of online safety, especially as it is likely our children will be spending longer online at the moment than normal.  Below is a link to Think u know who create home schooling information packs and advice sheets for parents and carers to support this complex area.