Shooting Stars

Welcome to Shooting Stars class
Welcome to our Foundation Stage unit. This unit aims to provide children aged 3 to 5 years with the best possible start to school life. 
Lets meet the team:
Class teacher: Sandra Meehan  
Nursery Practitioner: Kirsty Bayford
Shooting Stars class follows the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, ensuring that each individual child grows and develops through a play based learning environment that aims to meet their specific learning requirements. 
Each term within the Foundation Stage unit the class learns though a topic. Our current topic is; Superheroes in Space, to find out more please see the topic web opposite. 
As your children settles into the unit, we will encourage them to share their experiences with you and invite the children to share their passions with us. 
This year in Shooting Stars we are trialling the newly reformed EYFS which is due to be rolled out country wide in September 2021, this means that we are an 'early adopter' school. We are very excited about being an early adopter school as the changes to the new curriculum allow us to investigate exciting topics which relate to real life experiences. The children will still receive the high quality care and learning opportunities that have always been afforded to them through an effective mix of play based and focused learning in a foundation unit which holds the prime areas of curriculum as paramount to an effective education. However, education will have a greater focus on Knowledge and Understanding of the World. Knowledge and understanding of the world will be taught through whole class topics including 'Autumn, Festivals, Around the World, New Life, Superheroes, Space, Fairy Stories and Mini-beasts.  
If you would like any further information on the reformed curriculum please do not hesitate to get in touch.