Term 5 learning

Hello Explorers,

Here you will find the work for this week and a diary page.  I expect you to pick one activity from each section (Maths, Reading, Spelling, Writing), each day.  At the end of each day, please complete the diary page to tell me what you have done – an example of the information I expect is below.  You can then either email it to me (ExplorersWA@gmail.com) or add it to your portfolio on the Class DoJo. In addition I have set a weekly project called Forest Island project for Year 2’s to work on.  I have also included the spellings to learn for term 5 – please remember the key words as well. As some of you are super spellers I have also included some common exception words for you to learn.

If you have any problems, please get in touch as I am waiting to hear from you!  I do expect everyone to complete the weekly work.  If you struggle, you need to let me know so I can help you.  This is really important for you so that we can carry on with our learning when we get back into our classroom.

I love to see any work you complete on paper as a photo on DoJo but  send me any pictures of the art or baking that you do as well as any adventures you might have had.

Keep smiling

Mrs House