Term 5 learning

Hello Voyagers,

 Here you will find the work for this week and a diary page.  I expect you to pick one activity from each section, each day.  At the end of each day, please complete the diary page to tell me what you have done – an example of the information I expect is below.  You can then either email it to me (Voyagers5and6@gmail.com) or add it to your portfolio on Class DoJo.

 If you have any problems, please get in touch as I am waiting to hear from you all day!  I do expect everyone to complete the weekly work.  If you struggle, you need to let me know so I can help you.  Year 5 – this is really important for you so we are ready to run when we get back to our classroom.

 As always, I would love to see any work you complete on paper as a photo on DoJo but also, keep posting the art and cakes – love them :)

Week commencing 18 May 2020
Past home learning activities