Vision and Values


 West Ashton School Vision:

‘You will shine among them like stars in the sky’

Philippians 2:15 

At West Ashton School, we believe that:

  • every child is special
  • each child is unique
  • each child brings their own gifts, thoughts, interests, experiences and skills to the school

The best learning takes place when a child is motivated, the best learning takes place when the child has a desire to learn from the task before them. We therefore aim to make all activities interesting and relevant to the child. Learning at school takes place both through children’s own first hand experience and through direct teaching methods.

A child with high self-esteem will have the confidence to take chances and try new things. Confidence will grow in an environment where each individual is valued for who they are. We know that:

  • a person with high self-esteem will not worry about making mistakes, but will learn from them and use that learning on the path towards future success
  • challenged children will be more successful if the task ahead is challenging but attainable
So we:
  • praise children when they have succeeded or tried hard
  • try to ensure that the purpose of each task is clear to children so that they will know when they have succeeded
  • ensure that activities are purposeful and rewarding

 At West Ashton School, we aim to provide an environment which:

  • enables each children’s self-esteem and confidence to grow
  • enables each child to develop academically, spiritually, socially and physically to the fullest extent possible
  • is caring and safe
  • is motivating and challenging
  • makes everyone feel welcomed, valued and respected