Our vision

Vision 2

The children were lucky enough to work with Darrell Wakelam on creating 3D art which brings our vision to life. 


The narrative of our vision

We, West Ashton School, are the rocket. We are aiming for the stars on a fast moving journey.

Children and staff are on the rocket looking to the exciting, aspiring opportunities  in the curriculum, represented by the planets.

The small stars represent the parents, past, present and future, following and encouraging us on our journey.

The burning fuel represents the Acorn Education Trust  who have given us the ability to fly.

The Church are the wings of the rocket giving us guidance and stability through their support.

On  Earth are the Academy Council at mission control, monitoring and challenging what we do along our journey.

On the outside of our rocket are the British values, covering our community and helping us to become good citizens.

The large stars are our school values which underpin our vision for every child to believe that ‘you will shine among them like stars in the sky.’

The whole picture celebrates the journey West Ashton are on.

What would happen if any of these elements are missing?