How do we teach maths?

Our maths policy tells you about our aims for maths teaching at West Ashton School. 

You will find below 'Our CPA approach to arithmetic' document which shows how arithmetic (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) is taught from Y1- Y6 through a CPA approach.

CPA stands for concrete, pictorial, abstract. 

Concrete means using objects and resources to demonstrate maths in a practical way.  It is a skill that gets trickier with age - but is extremely important to demonstrate understanding.  Can you show me how you know that? 

Pictorial develops the practical approach to begin to document how you answer the question.  It clearly represents the concrete objects used to show practical understanding. 

Abstract continues to develop understanding, recording maths sentences using appropriate maths annotations and symbols, and applying understanding to a wide range of questions.

Below is also a document showing what representations your child will use in school to support their arithmetic learning.  These include tens frames, part, part, whole models, number lines and dienes.

We teach through a fluency, reasoning and problem solving approach, allowing children to gain confidence in the skill before applying it. Children are supported to access a wide range of question types through scaffolding - the use of manipulatives help support their learning. In Year 5/6, we are lucky enough to be able to offer our highly able mathematicians the opportunity to challenge themselves in a problem solving environment with an experienced volunteer who has a wealth of mathematical experience.